Simply put, MERGE is important to attend because it is structured to help attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors connect beyond the same contact list that revisits the same shows.  

We get it.  You want to learn more.  Meet new people.  Forge new relationships.  Widen your field of experience and expertise.  The conference was designed to bring together designers, developers, mobile and app entrepreneurs, social media experts, domain name investors, technologists, marketers, security professionals, user experience, program managers, product managers, startups, investors, and developer relations experts, within their own groups, and drawing in the MERGEd (like how we did that?) areas of overlap. 

With the various meetings, and variety of disciplines, and then structured social events and networking, it will be possible to create new bonds and grow your professional network in ways that are simply not typically available in conferences.  The show is carefully curated so that most all sessions will be interesting to participate in.  Come, grow, meet more people, and MERGE!