MERGE! - October 14-18, 2017

Marriott's Orlando World Center


MERGE! is a group of carefully curated events, all under a single admission, that showcase the use and potential of domain names.


Just a few of the shows that will be part of MERGE!
(with more being announced shortly):

Welcome to MERGE!

This groundbreaking event is a group of different events and networking opportunities – multiple individual events – with shared access. MERGE! will have content, sessions, speakers, panels, networking, sponsors, and events within it, all focused upon fusing ideas and people. Legal, Branding, Development, User Experience, Investment, Appraisal, Startups, Technology, Design, Security and more.

This event incorporates the third year of THE Domain Conference as one of the many MERGE! sub-shows, which will also include numerous other events and activities, all of which have a common access pass included with your MERGE! admission.

Many individual conferences will be operating at the same time, with portions operating privately and portions shared sessions, group meetings, common keynotes and networking.

Co-Founded by Ray Neu of TRAFFIC and THEDomain Conference and Jothan Frakes, co-founder of the NamesCon, DomainFest, and Domain Roundtable conferences, this show brings more than 25 years of conference experience and content excellence together for an event that you will not want to miss.


Keynotes, Speakers, and Moderators

MERGE! Orlando 2017

We’re treating MERGE! like a ‘worlds fair’ event – hosting a number of different events within MERGE! (new and old), one of which is THEDomainConference in its third year. People head to that every year, and know it has a wealth of good networking and opportunities, as well as being a who’s who of experts on appraisal, brokering, registries, registrars, domain advertising, registration, TLD Applications, email services and other investment opportunities. 

Your MERGE! Ticket covers access to all non-closed sessions at all the subevents, the networking events, the seminars, and more.

THEDomainConference is joined by many other subevents, activities and open meeetings, which also will include (at least, there are more pending agreement) 

  • MERGE.NETWORKING – An amazing, well known cloud-hosting networking Event (these have been running since 2004) which attracts hosting/ssl/email and services, 
    • Allegravita is doing an enhanced version of their China Bootcamp for people to understand engaging with that large economy and market,
    • a Digital Branding event for CIO/CMO and director level people,
    • SEO/SEM/Marketing Automation

    • Blockchain Roadshow – learn about cryptocurrency and other uses of this robust technology,
    • IoT content
    • CryptoCurrency
    • Security, Privacy, Encryption
    • AI and Automation

  • MERGE.LEGAL – McGrady Domain Academy – learn about domains (and social media) and law from the person who quite literally wrote the book on it, 
  • Hon Neil Brown, UDRP Panelist for WIPO and NAF
  • Gerald Levine, author of “Domain Name Arbitration”
    • A large CMS Summit which will have Joomla/Automattic (WordPress and .blog)/Drupal and other content management platform vendors/experts/developers/theme vendors/designers/consultants and perform educational sessions as well as certification programs,
    • Startup focused sessions
    • (potentially – pending agreement) A hackathon

  • MERGE.UNO – FUNDIR.LAT Content and sessions in and around highlighting the entrepreneurial spark and successful Hispanic businesses and opportunities in the Latin American and Spanish speaking markets.
  • PLUS – Waaaaaaaay more than what is listed here, with space for user groups and other sessions, meeting space for ICA members gathering, DBR Members’ welcome social, investors’ focus (microfinincing, vc/angels, hedgefunds, etc) and more.

We will have very exciting announcements about additional content and keynote speakers as we approach the event. There have been a couple articles on DNJournal: HERE and HERE and HERE 

Many of you have attended a TRAFFIC, NamesCon, or THEDomainConference in some corner of the world, and have exposure to some of what a vendor-neutral conference that remains focused on general industry discussion can be.

MERGE! is totally neutral. Liken it to the auto industry show – not the auto industry show owned by Chrysler.

We have carefully curated a variety of shows together under one schedule and we are developing an oustanding event for our attendees.  Just like a VENN Diagram will MERGE in key areas, the various shows all MERGE on domain names, which are a common, enabling, and fundamental part of EVERY online technology and online brand action.

In a manner similar to that used by strategists to ensure the success of projects and services, we have taken time to carefully curate the experience and the selection of content and speakers to ensure the quality of MERGE! as a group of events.